Shocks & Struts Service

Shock absorbers and strut assemblies reduce the bounce of your wheels to provide a smooth, safe ride.

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Shock absorbers limit the rebounding effect of the springs in your suspension,
helping to keep your tires in contact with the road.
Struts are a separate component that combine a spring and shock absorber into a
single unit.


Symptoms of Shock and Strut Wear

Vehicle performance indicators include:

  • excessive vehicle and tire bounce
  • poor tire-to-road contact
  • premature tire wear
  • reduced suspension control
  • reduced handling performance
  • noise and suspension vibration

Visible indications of shock and strut wear include:

  • shock absorbers leaking oil
  • mounting bushings cracked, torn or missing
  • bent or damaged piston rod
  • damaged strut brackets
  • bent, damaged or severely corroded shock or strut housing
  • piston rod on gas-charged shock or strut does not extend by itself
  • broken, damaged or missing mounting hardware
  • punctured shock or strut housing/body
  • dents in the shock or strut housing/body that may restrict suspension movement

What Shock and Strut Service Entails

Your Quality Care Technician will:

  • inspect your suspension
  • determine what components are in need of repair or replacement
  • make a recommendation on parts
  • replace or repair the components needing service

The Benefits of Shock and Strut Service

Repairing or replacing worn shocks or struts can restore that “new-vehicle” ride you enjoyed so much when you first owned your car or truck. New shocks and struts can also:

  • provide a smooth ride
  • reduce wear on other suspension system components
  • help maintain wheel alignment
  • improve tire-to-road contact
  • improve vehicle handling, brake performance and vehicle control
  • prevent premature tire wear


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