Media Sandblast

CA BEAR’s custom built Clemco® Abrasive Blast Media Recovery System is the largest in the bay area. This automatic media recycle system gives us the capability to offer low prices and quick turn around.

After all parts are removed or thoroughly protected, media blasting strips the surface to bare metal, so that the new coat of paint adheres smoothly to a new porous surface. This process removes the rust to make equipment last longer and look great.

Our large booth is perfect for large scale vehicles and equipment. We also media blast construction frames, metal supports, steps and railings. We use a zinc rich epoxy primer to coat the metal after sandblasting to protect against rust.

  • Two Media Recyclers
  • Dust Collectors.
  • (55’ x 25’ x 20’ Height) with a volume of 20,606 cubic feet
  • BEAR Is State & Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) compliant.
  • Collects 99% of the used sand & dust particles from spreading throughout the atmosphere.
  • This new modern facility allows us to offer competitive pricing & quick turnaround.

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