“We needed a mangled bumper fixed and some minor fiberglass repair on our Scamp trailer.  The price was fair and the work was excellent.  Better than new…  Bottom line: I would use Bear RV again, and I would recommend them to friends and family.”
David C.
Pleasanton, CA
“Sam and BEAR did a great job on repairing crash damage to an older RV, keeping the price reasonable. RV crashed nose into an overhang, bent aluminum frame loop, cracked fiberglass, broken wood interior paneling.  Checked around for estimates (using a good set of photos) including RV shops in South San Francisco, Novato and Sacramento, got a wide range of estimates from $2000-$10000+ including corporate (“its totaled, we can’t be liable for hidden damage, need to take the whole thing apart”) and several flakes (if a shop is flaky on returning calls for an estimate, how hard will it be to get the work complete?).  BEAR offered a good price, understood the job, explained how they would do it and the trade-offs of fixing older and faded fiberglass. Work was done on schedule, solid, they even matched texture and fading.  Nice people.”
Neal S.
San Francisco, CA