The following are i-car certifications:


Status Score Course Type View
AHS01e Advanced High-Strength
Steel Overview
9/8/2012 PASSED 100% Online Certificate
ALT01e Electric and Electric
Hybrid Vehicles
9/9/2012 PASSED 84% Online Certificate
ALT02e Hybrid Electric and
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
9/11/2012 PASSED 84% Online Certificate
CYC01 Overview of Cycle Time
Improvements for the Collision Repair Process
11/8/2012 Passed 72% Live Certificate
DAM01e Vehicle
Identification, Estimating Systems, and Terminology
6/10/2012 PASSED 84% Online Certificate
DAM05e Aluminum Panels and
Structures Damage Analysis
9/15/2012 PASSED 92% Online Certificate
DAM08e Advanced Material
Damage Analysis
9/15/2012 PASSED 84% Online Certificate
DAM09e Hail, Theft, Vandalism
Damage Analysis
9/29/2012 PASSED 76% Online Certificate
DAM10e Exterior Panels Damage
6/13/2012 PASSED 95% Online Certificate
DAM11e Restraint Systems
Damage Analysis
9/16/2012 PASSED 75% Online Certificate
DAM13e Basic Electronics
Damage Analysis
9/22/2012 PASSED 100% Online Certificate
EXT01 Bolted-On Part
7/7/2012 Passed 88% Live Certificate
FOM01 Automotive Foams 7/7/2012 Passed 96% Live Certificate
GLA01 Movable Glass 7/12/2012 Passed 100% Live Certificate
LSC04e Automotive Lighting 11/7/2012 PASSED 80% Online Certificate
PLA03 Plastic and Composite
7/26/2012 Passed 96% Live Certificate
RCY01e Recycled Parts for
Collision Repair
6/19/2012 PASSED 80% Online Certificate
STS01 Cosmetic Straightening
6/14/2012 Passed 80% Live Certificate
TRM01 Trim and Hardware 9/8/2012 Passed 96% Live Certificate
WKR01 Hazardous Materials,
Personal Safety, and Refinish Safety
8/23/2012 Passed 92% Live Certificate

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